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The Michigan Simulation User Group.



The name of this organization shall be the Michigan Simulation User Group, hereafter called MSUG. The principal office of the organization shall be that of the current president of the Steering Committee.


The charter of MSUG is "To Increase Successful Use of Simulation as a Decision Support Tool." It shall be accomplished by:

  1. Providing MSUG members with a forum, across the company and industry boundaries, for the mutual exchange of technical, administrative, and management information pertaining to the use of simulation technology;
  2. Broadening the knowledge of its members on simulation and its applications;
  3. Communicating with simulation software suppliers regarding their product, maintenance, and other technical requirements from end users so as to provide them ideas for improving their products;
  4. Cost issues both on selling the software and on performing services will be excluded from the group discussions.



Membership in MSUG is active upon completion of a written form established by the Steering Committee . Membership is available to all individuals who are active or interested in simulation technology. No Company membership will be accepted; this is to avoid conflict of interest or violating antitrust law.


At least ONE general membership meeting (referred to as the annual meeting) will be held each year. The Steering Committee will set the time, location and agenda for the meeting. This meeting will be open to all existing members as well as any potential new members.


MSUG shall be self-funded. Funds will be obtained from minimal meeting and conference fees. All spending is subject to pre-approval by the Steering Committee for carrying out MSUG's chartered mission.


Each member of MSUG in attendance at the annual meeting shall constitute one vote. No block vote representing company special interest will be accepted. Absentee ballots are allowed.

Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee shall be composed of nine members:

    1. President:
      1. Leads activities and insures roles and responsibilities are being carried out
      2. Publish Agenda for Steering Committee Meetings.
      3. Chair Steering Committee Meetings.
      4. Host General Membership Meeting.
      5. Host Annual Conference.
      6. Write a "From The President" letter for each Newsletter.
      7. President should be a second or third year member.
    2. WebMaster:
      1. Ensure continued registration of MSUG domain (m-sug.org).
      2. Maintain, back-up & administer MSUG web-site, database and associated software.
      3. Maintain & administer Google Apps domain.
      4. Maintain & administer LinkedIn group(s).
      5. Maintain & administer Mailing List.
      6. Maintain & administer Social Networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
    3. Speakers:
      1. Coordinate recruitment of speakers for General Membership Meeting(s).
      2. Coordinate recruitment of speakers for Annual Conference.
      3. Collect biographies and abstracts from potential speakers and distribute information to Steering Committee for approval.
      4. Co-ordinate confirmation of speakers at events.
      5. Obtain presentation slides (and papers, if possible) from speakers prior to events.
      6. Develops and distributes speaker certificates.
    4. Secretary:
      1. Attend and minute every Steering Committee meeting.
      2. Attend and report on General Membership Meeting(s).
      3. Attend and report on Annual Conference.
      4. Develop and distribute evaluation form at Annual Conference.
      5. Summarize evaluation forms for review by Steering Committee.
      6. Maintain and update By-Laws.
      7. Act as group historian and manage documents (minutes, presentations, forms, etc.) published on Google Docs.
      8. Manage lessons learned from meeting minutes.
    5. Social Media Promotion:
      1. Promote MSUG on-line (Web-Site, Mailing List, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging, etc.)
      2. Tweet updates during MSUG events.
      3. Announce newsletter availability (all of above).
      4. Announce events (all of above).
      5. Announce news (SC membership changes, jobs, vendor training courses/software releases, etc. - all of above
    6. Sponsor/Vendor Liaison:
      1. Coordinate relationships with simulation software & service vendors.
      2. Recruit sponsor for Student Simulation Competition.
      3. Recruit sponsor for Annual Conference.
      4. Obtain Steering Committee approval for Annual Conference sponsor.
      5. Recruit vendor presentations for Annual Conference.
      6. Recruit vendor exhibitors for Annual Conference.
      7. Communicate vendor news (new product releases, training courses, etc.) to other SC members - Social Media & Newsletter in particular.
      8. Collect biographies and abstracts from potential vendor presenters.
      9. Co-ordinate confirmation of vendors at events.
      10. Obtain presentation slides (and papers, if possible) from vendors prior to events.
    7. Newsletter:
      1. Assemble quarterly Newsletter, pass to Social Media for distribution.
      2. Solicit & publish articles for publication from SC members / others.
      3. Solicit & publish product announcements, training courses, etc. from vendors.
      4. Solicit & publish simulation job announcements from MSUG community.
      5. Solicit & publish industry events (WinterSim, IEEE, ACM, etc.) of interest to MSUG community.
      6. Devise & maintain MSUG Newsletter branding.
    8. Program Manager:
      1. Devise, maintain and enforce detailed annual calendar:
        1. Deadline for issuing "Call for Papers".
        2. Event speaker confirmation deadlines.
        3. Deadline for issuing "Call for Sponsor/Vendors".
        4. Event vendor confirmation deadlines.
        5. Event "save the date" announcement deadlines.
        6. Event announcement deadlines.
        7. Newsletter article submission deadlines.
        8. Newsletter draft publication deadlines.
        9. Newsletter publication deadlines.
        10. etc.
      2. Hold SC members accountable for actions.
      3. Identify & resolve scheduling conflicts & problems.
      4. Co-ordinate activities between SC members.
      5. Coordinate printing and distribution of name tags at Annual Conference.
      6. Publish and distribute agenda for Annual Conference.
    9. Treasurer:
      1. Manage MSUG books and accounts.
      2. Pay MSUG expenses.
      3. Report group financial status at SC meetings when required.
      4. Coordinate venues for General Membership and Annual Conference meetings.
      5. Negotiate fees & agree on contracts for General Membership Meeting.
      6. Coordinate fees and contracts for Annual Conference.
      7. Schedule annual audit.
      8. Comply with financial requirements.

Membership on the Steering Committee shall be served on a three-year rotational basis by MSUG members. Each year, one-third of the committee members will be replaced by newly elected members. Committee members re-elected may serve one consecutive term - a total of six-year maximum. When a chaired member resigns during his/her tenure, a member at-large shall be elected by the committee to replace the resigned position. Replacement of the seat shall be conducted at the annual meeting. If there are insufficient steering committee candidates, current steering committee members terms can be extended pending acceptance by the steering committe.


The Steering Committee shall be the basic policy-making body of MSUG. It shall:

  1. establish the goals and vision for MSUG;
  2. establish membership requirements;
  3. provide direction and operational guidelines for MSUG;
  4. oversee treasury, publication, and all other MSUG operations;
  5. plan, announce, and conduct all MSUG meetings;
  6. determine the times, locations, and themes of all meetings;
  7. nominate candidates for Steering Committee membership;
  8. make recommendations to MSUG;
  9. execute all necessary functions on behalf of MSUG.


Amendment of Bylaws:

These Bylaws can be amended, altered, repealed, or replaced by new Bylaws with the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the committee members at any Steering Committee meeting, provided that the proposed Bylaws (and/or modifications) have been distributed in writing to all committee members no later than six weeks prior to the start of the committee meeting.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Michigan Simulation User Group for 2017:

Position Name Company E-mail
Annual Conference Cindy Schiess Steelcase annual dot conference at m-sug dot org
General Meetings Chair Bill Edwards Oakland University general dot meeting at m-sug dot org
Newsletter Scott Bury Dow Chemical newsletter at m-sug dot org
President Joe Hugan Forward Vision president at m-sug dot org
Secretary Deidra Donald Dassault Systemes secretary at m-sug dot org
Social Media Len Copus Dematic social dot media at m-sug dot org
Speakers Mike Sarvo Emulate3D speakers at m-sug dot org
Student Competition Joe Hugan
Anna Kamphaus
Forward Vision
simulationcontest at m-sug dot org
Treasurer Stacey Denehy General Motors treasurer at m-sug dot org
University Liaison (East) Bill Edwards Oakland University university dot east at m-sug dot org
University Liaison (West) Paul Fognini Dematic university dot west at m-sug dot org
Webmaster Anna Kamphaus Steelcase webmaster at m-sug dot org
Westside Meetings Chair Paul Fognini Dematic west dot michigan at m-sug dot org
Vendor Liaison Andrew Gevaert PMC vendor dot liaison at m-sug dot org