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Simulation Engineer | Michigan Simulation User Group

Simulation Engineer

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Reference: Job162
Employer: Dematic
Url: http://www.dematic.com/

Company Description 

Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 4,000 skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide customers with a unique perspective in world-class materials handling solution design. Our commitment to solution development, combined with engineering centers and manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, ensures Dematic has the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions globally. Our successful track record has led to the development and implementation of more than 5,000 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors. Dematic generates a global business volume of approximately $1.8 billion.


Job Description 

Dematic has an immediate need for an experienced Simulation Engineer. These positions can be located in Salt Lake City, UT, Milwaukee, WI, Southfield, MI, Atlanta, GA or Grand Rapids, MI. The successful candidate will have 3 or more years’ experience developing simulation models and working on simulation projects. The successful candidate will have a broad knowledge of manufacturing and material handling systems. The successful candidate will understand automated material handling systems, warehouse control systems, mechanical controls systems and distribution center operations. The successful candidate will have formal academic training in Simulation Modeling and Analysis. Knowledge of AutoMod, FlexSim or Demo3D is desirable, experience with other simulation software is necessary.

Job Family Specific Responsibilities:

  • Works on simulation model development on medium to large-sized simulation projects.
  • Works with others on project timelines and resources to successfully implement complex projects.
  • Conducts periodic status checks with customer and team to assess progress against plan. Helps perform re-forecasts of project variables as necessary throughout the project.
  • May perform pre-sales support activities as needed.
  • Designs and develops accurate and valid computer-based models of manufacturing and/or material handling systems made up of package conveyor, pallet conveyor, automatic guided vehicles, and automated storage and retrieval systems.
  • Constructs simulation models that conform to approved modeling standards.
  • Completes projects on time and within budget.
  • Performs data collection and preparation of model specifications.
  • Analyzes and interprets simulation results including appropriate statistical analyses.
  • Helps to oversee projects for quality, schedule, and budget adherence.
  • Uses sound business judgment and discretion when working with customers and their information.
  • Helps to develop customer presentations.
  • Clearly communicates complex principles, ideas, and concepts. Skillfully uses verbal communication to build customer confidence and understanding.
  • Attends industry conferences, seminars, etc., and reads trade journals to stay current of current/future operating strategies and technologies as they relate to Dematic’s business.

A BSIE, BSISE or related equivalent is required. MSIE, MSISE or related equivalent is a desirable.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Performs full range of standard work for the professional field.
  • Refers complex, unusual problems to others.
  • Identifies and resolves more complex problems and applies problem-solving skills in order to deal with most situations.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Demonstrates and applies a broad knowledge of field of specialization through successful completion of moderately complex assignments.
  • Successfully applies complex knowledge of fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of particular area of specialization.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of organizations business practices and issues.
  • Typically 3 or more years of successful experience in related field and successful demonstration of Key Responsibilities and Knowledge as presented above.
  • Advanced degree may be substituted for experience, where applicable.
  • Experience with AutoMod, FlexSim or Demo3D strongly preferred. Experience with discrete event simulation software required.

Direction of Others:

  • Provide general guidance, training, and/or support of professional staff.

Key Working Relationships:

  • Primarily intra-organizational contacts and external contacts.


General Requirements 


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

Please visit the Dematic Jobs website to apply for this position: http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_dematic/external/jobDetails.do?functionName=getJobDetail&jobPostId=16467&localeCode=en-us